B-hive's Virtualized Application Infrastructure
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Like any other major change in the data center, migrating to virtual infrastructure can impact the user experience. As a starting point, you need to ensure that performance standards have been maintained. However, monitoring physical system resources does not provide an indication of the health of the application or what your customers are experiencing at any given moment. And since virtual environments are dynamic, system agent solutions are not efficient.

In order to take advantage of dynamic resource allocation, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, you need to understand how each virtual machine is being used along with real-time performance data. B-hive Conductor™ for Virtualized Application Infrastructure can help you to maximize your investment from implementation through day-to-day operations. With a combination of real-time transaction monitoring and automated service level control, Conductor delivers a superior user experience while controlling the cost of scaling operations.

B-hive Conductor for Virtual Application Infrastructure features:

  • Assured migration: Measure baseline service levels before and after virtualization and size accurately to achieve comparable or improved service levels.
  • Service level visibility and control: Understand how virtual servers are utilized by applications. Maintain the end-user experience by identifying and overcoming performance bottlenecks and outages.
  • High availability and disaster recovery: Take a proactive approach to performance and availability problems. Automate the built-in capabilities of virtual infrastructure to respond in real-time to outages by replacing malfunctioning or slow virtual servers with new instances or by rolling back to an older image.
  • Dynamic resource allocation: Monitor end-user service levels to evaluate if virtualized resources are sized accurately. B-hive Conductor's real-time automation capabilities optimize resource allocation in response to changes in application performance or usage patterns - to assure service levels on demand.

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